Who's Rights?

September 25, 2000

By J. Michael

For those of you who prefer not to get involved in the topic of abortion, please delete this now.

During the presidency of George Bush Sr., the importation of RU-486 was banned. I thank Mr. Bush for having the decency to make that decision. RU-486 is a pill, also known as Mifepristone. These are the terms you will hear when referring the pill in a "medical" setting or from our deceived friends at planned parenthood. In plain English, this is the abortion pill. That's right, no more need to go to the hosipital to abort a child anymore, it can be done at home with the ease of popping a pill.

My intent is not to try and convince anyone that abortion is wrong, in fact, it's murder. If you refuse to acknowledge that sex was designed by God as a sacred thing in marriage, and that it's also a form of reproduction, then skip to the end where you have an assignment! (your assignment will ultimately be graded by God, and it's pass or fail, no in between, so you better study up!)

This is a call to action for those of you who know and understand that upon conception, a child is a child. A living human which has been blessed with life from God. That child has a soul, that soul gives the child rights as a human being. Rights to live and grow and to fulfill his/her purpose in life as a child of God.

Pro-choice isn't a choice at all. It's "pro-permission". Permission to murder, a license to kill. How many "pro-choice" organizations do you see actually educating someone on the choice between allowing a baby to be born, or to killing the child? Instead, they simply do their best to reduce the guilt in making a sinful decision.

Once again, that means we have to fight for what's right. When Clinton took office of President, he allowed the abortion pill to be researched in America. This research was for two purposes.
1. Is the pill effective, and for how long after conception is it effective.
2. Is it safe? (safe for the mother taking the pill of course). Essentially, what are the side effects for the person who takes it.

In 1996, the FDA said the pill is both effective and safe. Now it's simply a matter of granting final marketing approval to begin using the drug throughout America.

I'm giving an assignment to everyone of you. There will be two groups, so you each have a different assignment.

First group: For those of you who do not see or admit that abortion is murder, I beg you to educate yourself a little. Stop being so narrow minded and think about the subject. What does God have to say on the subject? Learn about what constitutes human life (according to our creator, not according to our foolish laws). Not wanting to deal with the consequences of our actions is the number one reason we have abortion. Stop justifying something without looking at, and admitting the facts.

Second group: (This would be all of you who don't put yourselves in group 1)!! Write your representatives. Simple as that. Let them know you aren't interested in bringing in more murder weapons. Tell them if they want to kill unborn children, to use all those guns they are taking away from us!! (Ok, bad idea, please see my email on gun control!). Don't hound them and rip into them. They are our leaders. God has commanded us to pray for them, so do that as well. But just email them and let them know you strongly oppose the use of these pills. Remember, they are supposed to be "for the people". They "REPRESENT US". Those who speak in this country, are those who are in charge. So for those of us who want to start seeing a change in this country, we need to speak!! Planned Parenthood is not the majority of this country, but they have the loudest voice. When the rest of us are mute, or only whisper, how can we expect change?

Here's where you go:
From there you can make the effort to click a few links and find the email or contact information for your elected officials. Write as many of them as you can. Send them a bulk email (copy and paste are great functions of these computers!).

I am one voice, but we, my friends, are many!

-As always, questions, comments and concerns are welcome and encouraged to:

Feel free to pass these thoughts on to others who may gain use of them!

Copyright 2001; J.Michael