Who Goes?

Dec. 08, 2000

By J. Michael

The past few days have entailed news headlines on some very controversial issues, not only in America, but in several countries world wide. The issues are, criminal execution, and assisted suicide.

Clinton has delayed the federal execution of a convicted murderer, however many are demanding that the president have mercy and stop the execution from ever happening. Mr. Clinton has stated that he does believe that "the death penalty is appropriate for the most heinous crimes...". Yet not long ago, his administration, siding with the core beliefs of the Gore campaign, all seemed to attack Governor Bush for the executions taking place in Texas.

In other news, Jack Kevorkian is again a hot topic, sentenced last year in 1 of over 130 known cases in which he assisted terminally ill in ending their life.

The point of this letter is to draw attention to a bigger issue, which remains protected and out of the spotlight again. As a country, we seem to be outraged at executing convicted murderers and rapists. We feel sorry for them. We then throw our anger and disgust at those who perform euthanasia to those who are nearing painful death. We do what we can to stop suicide, or increase longevity even if the person remains in a permanent catatonic state. Yet, we allow millions of innocent babies to be murdered every year. They weren't even given a chance.

I think this pretty much speaks for itself, who has a choice to die and who doesn't. Where does our mercy go? Why is the murder of a baby ok, as long as part of him is not yet born, but it's wrong moments later when the child has left it's mother's womb? Why can we convict someone of double murder if they kill a mother AND her unborn child? But the doctor can legally and "ethically" murder that same child if the mother so chooses?

Need I say more?

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