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November 11, 2000

By J. Michael

I've abstained from throwing in my two cents worth, but I'll wager two bits that I may just have something worth thinking about! Allow me the dignity to offer a disclaimer that I am not here to badger any specific political party, nor to defend another. Instead I will attempt to disclose truthful information about individual people. My goal is simply to educate, and not for the purpose of saying "I told you so". Please read through this so that you can discover some of the REAL facts about Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush. I honestly believe it will open your eyes a little. As always, I look forward to your questions and comments. If you specifically request more information, I have plenty of it! Let's begin, shall we?!

I do understand the concept of the automatic Florida re-count. I have not argued the initial re-count, neither did the Bush administration. But it has now gotten out of control and it's indicative of several things! In the early hours of November 8, Mr. Gore accepted the loss of presidency by a small margin. In a phone conversation, Mr. Bush was very modest and polite with the Vice President as Gore accepted defeat. Within an hour, Mr. Gore snatched back his consent to Governor Bush. This was the beginning to the drama which has now been dragged out far too long already. It is also a chance for the public to look at different aspects of the character in the gentlemen who are now neck and neck for the White House.

Gore rightfully requested for the automatic recount of the Florida ballots. The margin was small, despite the fact that to date, many thousand over-seas ballots have not yet been counted. Upon the notion of a re-count, Mr. Gore once again said he would concede if the numbers still favored Mr. Bush. But he didn't! I'll grant mercy on him for going back on his word the first time due to circumstance. However, failing to oblige after an initial re-count is definitely showing signs of a deceitful person. I guess we need to "legally define" the word "re-count"? In the past several days, the Gore campaign has now begun filing lawsuits and getting a bit nasty to 'fight to the end' of this mess.

Now, I'm all for standing up for what's right, and fighting to the end, but only for a just cause. The fact of the matter is, the longer this drags out, the more it will favor Gore. He will fight this until he wins, despite the fact he's lost at least twice already. He is lying and cheating his way to presidency, anyone else see that? What's worse is he will continue the same practices once he gets there. He is displaying right now just how much (or how little as the case may be) that we can trust him. The integrity that he showed in the wee hours of Nov. 7 and 8 has disappeared. Despite the unfair practices, Mr. Bush has remained very modest and willing to cooperate. He's only recently begun to fight back in order to claim what is rightfully his.

What scares me, is that in this world, evil has a way of often prevailing over what is good. Anyone else find it odd that every time they do a re-count, that the margin continues to grow smaller and Gore continues to all of a sudden have just a few more votes on his side? How about giving some thought as to why we typically try to have election results by the next day? Do you suppose we don't have all sorts of behind the scene corruption? Do you suppose Mr. Gore has any help from a lot of liberal people (I didn't say democratic party!!). Even the bible indicates the need for quick and just actions. But the bible is now the 5 letter "B" word that we can't say anymore. Mr. Gore even wants to be sure it remains outside of our schools and public facilities! After all, that "B" word talks about how murder and adultery are wrong. But Mr. Gore and Mr. Clinton have let us know that BOTH are ok, even in the White House! In fact, our tax money should pay for murdering unborn, and partially born children.

Who cares about morality and trust anymore right? Mr. Clinton has shown us that trust and morality are a thing of that past, we don't need such things anymore. You see, instead of sharing with us any good things that Mr. Gore can do for us, he concentrates on past mistakes of Mr. Bush. In order to show us all that Governor Bush has also made mistakes, Gore brings up records from 26 years ago. The difference is, Mr. Bush admits his mistakes and strives to improve himself. What our media doesn't tell us, is that Bush gave up his life of drinking and other foolish activity when he followed that "B" word (Bible) and accepted Christ as his Savior back in around 1985. And then Gore continues to attempt to discredit Bush by pointing to his use of capitol punishment (also Biblical) and pointing to the pollution and crime in Texas. Well my friends, first off, Texas is a very large state, with a very large population. Naturally, they will put out more pollution than most other states. In addition, Mr. Bush was given the condition of that state when he became governor ...he didn't create it! In fact, the numbers actually indicate that in the short time that he has been Gov., he actually has made considerable and notable improvements in the main issues of pollution, crime and education. The official White House web site even notes these improvements, but to no surprise, all credit is given specifically to the Clinton administration. These are issues that aren't even supposed to be under the federal jurisdiction. But that, of course, is according to our constitution which Gore also would just as soon like to throw out.

I believe I got a little off track here, but either way, there is some eye opening information here. I hope you were all forced to think! Let's see if we can't get this in the hands of a few thousand Florida residents!

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