By J. Michael

Alright, this isn't exactly poetry, it probably isn't even good writing. Full of analogies, with the flow of pogo-stick movements, welcome to my skewed thoughts for the day.

"Change is good!"...Or is it? Well, not always. The natural progression in life is actually for change to bring digression. Not that things don't or can't improve, but in the long run, things tend toward a downhill movement. This can easily be observed in human life. You are born, you grow physically and mentally and then you reach your peak. Everything has its peak, and once there you either remain at a standstill, or you decline.

Look at our legal system. Over the past 200 years, we have made triumphs and we have made failures. After numerous years of fighting, we abolished slavery, now we are quickly abolishing freedom. Over time, it seems to be one step forward, two steps back. Even worse, the past 8 years have seemingly brought us ten steps back for any step forward. Those 10 steps include anything that was moral or decent and right for us as individuals and as a nation. The one step forward seemed to be advancement in corruption, immorality, fascism and plain stupidity. Sure, Americans made more money, but what did that get them? Without integrity and honor, many couldn’t even enjoy it and many more have recently lost it with the influx of layoffs, market drops and belly-ups.

You see, we were thrust back and then jammed forward in the wrong direction, finding our country stuck in modern Sodom and Gomorrah. Can we change for the better at this point. Of course. Will it happen? This is less likely. We do, however, stand a chance of slowing down our decline and regaining our footing. Fortunately we rotate our leaders, each of them being a new captain of the ship. The goal is to now undock from this landfill and find some water to sail in. If we can get to water, we have hopes of finding a new, cleaner territory. Keep in mind that in order to do that, we’ll likely run into some rough waters along the way. Course, while we are still stuck here in this filth, rocking the boat is our only chance of moving it.

So what’s the point behind this? Let’s start using our voices and be heard. Let your leaders know what you want done with this country, our legal system and the government. Let them know you are tired of following the piercing screams of the extremists. Let us have integrity. Let us have honor. Let us be dignified. Let us have a feared army and a powerful people, rather than a powerful government and a feared system. Let us change … change back to what we shouldn’t have changed from.

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