Boo Who

by J. Michael

October 20, 2000

I've been recently made aware of an incident that took place which shows the character of many liberals who are destroying this country. Be assured, I fully understand we need to look at each person individually, rather than group them in a political lump. However, there are definite groups in America that have specific agenda's. The pressure is put on politicians as individuals, to join the beliefs of a core group.

Now, the following occurrence was hidden by the media for one of two reasons. Either they want to protect the dignity of our nation, or they want to protect the agenda of liberal socialists. In either case, keeping the truth from the public doesn't help us make educated decisions on who our leaders shall be.

We are all aware of the recent democratic and republican national conventions, two separate events which both took place earlier this year (2000). They both extend over several days and consist of a variety of larger and smaller events, conferences, dinners, discussions, forums and things of the like. At one such event, on the Tuesday evening of the democratic convention, it was decided that the boy scouts would present the flags at the beginning of a particular event. At a time of honor and respect for our national colors and symbols, these young boy scouts were boo'd. Rather than a cheer of celebration, or even the silence of a solemn occasion, the sounds of boo's and hiss's were in the crowd.

What is wrong with these people? They have no respect for our country and our morals. As most of you are aware, there is a lot of hot issues surrounding the fact that boy scouts do not support homosexuals and they refuse to allow homosexual's to be scoutmasters.

This brings me to another issue. These socialists claim to be in favor of equality. Yet by showing such disrespect to those who actually have morals, are they not actually placing immoral people above moral people? How is that equal? Do we have to accept the murders and rapist also? Are the also equal? Should we boo the boy scouts for teaching against murder?

Is it not blatantly obvious we have a problem here? God gives us our laws, not man. And when someone disobeys those laws, they are to loose rights, not gain them. There is a consequence for such actions. Instead, our society has begun to place these people at a higher level, claiming they are equal to the rest of us. I resent being told I'm equal to those who have no respect for life as given to them by God.

Those people that would boo the boy scouts, are the same ones that are taking away my rights, and giving them to society's criminals. They need a slap in the face to be snapped out of the hypnotic state that they are in. The U.S.A. has 50 great states, hypnosis is not one of them. If you want to live in our country and breath our air, then follow our rules, given to us by God and quit making your own.

Enough said.

If you have a reasonable comment or discussion, I'd be glad to hear from you. I will respectfully discuss anything. However, if you have no intelligent thing to say and wish to simply send me your hate mail, you'll only waste your own time writing, I won't waste mine responding. Reasonable responses can be directed

Feel free to pass these thoughts on to others who may gain use of them!

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